Universal Interlocking Femoral Nails

Can be applied either in conventional or locked mod. Same nail for left and right femur. Indications for conventional medullar nailing without locking. Fracturs with bony Support (Stable Fractures in he middle one third of the femur)Transverse fractures.

Indications for locked medullar nailing.
(unstable fractions in 60% of the femoral lenght)

(A) Fractures near the metaphysic.
(B) Long terminal fractures.
(C) Segmental fractures.
(D) Comminuted fractures.
(E) Fractures with bone defects.


Type Orthopaedic Implants
Material Stainless Steel
Application Orthopedic trauma surgery
Features Optimum strength, Excellent finish
Brand Name Capsur
Certification ISO, CE, FDA certification

Additional Information

Product Code 148

Technical Specifications

Length in mm 9mm
Code No.
Code No.
Code No.
320mm S.148.D.32 S.148.E.32 S.148.F.32
340mm S.148.D.34 S.148.E.34 S.148.F.34
360mm S.148.D.36 S.148.E.36 S.148.F.36
380mm S.148.D.38 S.148.E.38 S.148.F.38
400mm S.148.D.40 S.148.E.40 S.148.F.40
420mm S.148.D.42 S.148.E.42 S.148.F.42
440mm S.148.D.44 S.148.E.44 S.148.F.44


 Note: While ordering titanium nail please add T before code no. 11rnm & 12mm Also available on request


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