Narrow DCP Plates

Narrow DCP Plates

  • Fixation with 4.5mm and 6.5mm screws. All plate hole are designed as self-compressing hole. The end hole are designed for Cancelelous bone screws.
  • INDICAION As Neutralization and Tension Bend Plate on the tibia (Not-intended for the femur).
  • Use Plate with 2, 3, or 4 holes in exceptional cases only, Use With DCP Drill Sleeve 4.5 mm.


Thickness 3.6mm
Width 12.0mm
Hole Spacing 16.0mm
Middle Hole Spacing 25.0mm
Brand Name Capsur
Certification ISO, CE, FDA certification

102 Narrow DCP 4.5mm

102 Narrow DCP 4.5mm

Stainless Steel Code No. : S.102.02 to S.102.16

Titanium Code No. : T.102.02 to T.102.16

Holes Code No. : 2hole to 16hole

Length in MM : 39mm to 263mm

105 Narrow LC-DCP 4.5mm

105 Narrow LC-DCP 4.5mm

Stainless Steel Code No. : S.105.04 to S.105.16

Titanium Code No. : T.105.04 to T.105.16

Holes : 4hole to 16hole

Length in MM : 70mm to 286mm

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