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Interlocking Bolt

Interlocking Bolt


Thread Diameter 3.0mm
Drill Bits For threading hole 2.5mm
Core Dimeter 2.5mm
Hexagonal Socket Width 2.5mm
Head Diameter 6.0mm
Brand Name Capsur
Certification ISO, CE, FDA certification

Technical Specifications

Stainless Steel Titanium Length in mm
S.179.20 T.179.20 20hole
S.179.22 T.179.22 22hole
S.179.24 T.179.24 24hole
S.179.26 T.179.26 26hole
S.179.28 T.179.28 Z8hole
S.179.30 T.179.30 30hole
S.179.32 T.179.32 32hole
S.179.34 T.179.34 34hole
S.179.36 T.179.36 36hole
S.179.38 T..l79.38 38hole
S.179.40 T.179.40 40hole

NOTE: 3.0mm bolt will use for Distal hole of 6mm humeral nail only. 

  • 179 3.0mm Interlocking Bolt

    Stainless Steel Code No. : S.179.20 to S.179.40

    Titanium Code No. : T.179.20 to T.179.40

    Holes : 20hole to 40hole

  • 180 3.5mm Interlocking Bolt

    Stainless Steel Code No. : S.180.20 to S.180.50

    Titanium Code No. : T.180.20 to T.180.50

    Holes : 20hole to 50hole

  • 181 3.9mm Interlocking Bolt

    Stainless Steel Code No. : S.181.20 to S.181.50

    Titanium Code No. : T.181.20 to T.181.50

    Holes : 20hole to 50hole

  • 182 4.9mm Interlocking Bolt

    Stainless Steel Code No. : S.182.20 to S.182.80

    Titanium Code No. : T.182.20 to T.182.80

    Holes : 20hole to 80hole

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