4.5/5.0mm Narrow Locking Compression Plate


Stainless Steel 316L
Titanium 6AI4V
Proximal Screw CancellousLcp Screw (5.0/6.5mm)
Shaft Part Locking Screw 3.5mm
Screw Length 10 to 50mm (Diff:2.0mm), 55 to 90mm (Diff:5.0mm)
Brand Name Capsur
Certification ISO, CE, FDA certification

Additional Information

Product Code 102

Technical Specifications

Stainless Steel Code No. Titanium Code No. Hole
SL.102.02 TL.102.02 2hole
SL.102.04 TL.102,04 4hole
SL.102.05 TL.102.05 5hole
SL.102.06 TL.102.06 6hole
SL.102.07 TL.102.07 7hole
SL.102.08 TL.102.08 8hole
SL.102.09 TL‘102.09 9hole
SL.102.10 TL.102.10 10hole
SL.102.11 TL.102.11 11hole
SL.102.12 TL.102‘12 12hole
SL.102.14 TL.102.14 14hole

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